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Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research

When psychometrics meets epidemiology, and the studies which result!

24 November 2015

Speaker: Dr Tom Booth, Lecturer in Quantitative Methodology, Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh

'When psychometrics meets epidemiology, and the studies which result!' (references)

In this talk Dr Booth presented a series of studies from across the last few years of his academic career which have (largely) focussed on the application of latent variable models to issues of health and well-being. He defined health broadly and included studies which have considered brain integrity as a key health outcome in ageing and which have utilised the allostatic load framework for assessing the cumulative wear and tear on the body of the stress response.

He also presented on a recent review article on the field of personality and health, and discussed where he sees profitable avenues for research in the years to come – focussed especially on the complementary information available from intensive longitudinal studies of within person variability and large scale cohort studies.

Methodologically the talk touched on the application of item response models, bi-factor models, multi-group structural equation models with invariance constraints, mediation models, multi-level network and derivative models for longitudinal analysis of change.