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Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research

An event in University Place Manchester


The Cathie Marsh Institute organises various events throughout the year. From seminars and conferences to workshops and short courses our events reflect our research themes.

Short courses

We run introductory, intermediate to advanced courses on all aspects of the research process, including research design, data collection and data analysis. 

Courses from our centres

As well as those events listed here, we also run seminars, courses and workshops at:

Postgraduate conference July 2016

The Institute is pleased to be hosting the PopFest 2016: The 24th Annual Population Postgraduate Conference. 

Migration and Families in Europe: National and Local Perspectives Conference

The Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity is pleased to announce its two-day international conference which will bring together researchers, practitioners in government and voluntary sectors and postgraduate students to discuss migration and families in Europe. 

Next courses and events

methods@manchester Summer School: Creative approaches to qualitative researching

26 - 30 June 2017

Summary This intermediate level course offers a hands-on introduction to creative approaches to doi..

methods@manchester Summer School: Generalized Linear Models - a comprehensive system of analysis and graphics using R and the Rcommander

26 - 30 June 2017

Summary This is a general course in data analysis using generalized linear models. It is designed..

methods@manchester Summer School: Getting started in R - an introduction to data analysis and visualisation

26 - 30 June 2017

Summary R is an open source programming language and software environment for performing statistica..

methods@manchester Summer School: Structural Equation Modelling with MPlus

26 - 30 June 2017

Summary This course gives a hands on introduction to what is possible in a latent variable analysis..

methods@manchester Summer School: Factor Analysis for Integrated Mixed Methods Research

03 - 07 July 2017

This summer school helps you apply Factor Analysis to make a scale or index using statistical softwa..

methods@manchester Summer School: Integrated Mixed-Methods Research including QCA

03 - 07 July 2017

This summer school strand approaches mixed methods from the viewpoint that methods can be integrated..

methods@manchester Summer School: Introduction to Social Network Analysis using UCINET and Netdraw

03 - 07 July 2017

Overview This is an introductory course, covering the concepts, methods and data analysis technique..

methods@manchester Summer School: Statistical analysis of social networks

03 - 07 July 2017

Summary This is an introduction to statistical analysis of networks. While no strict prerequisites..

methods@manchester Summer School: Big Data Analysis for Social Scientists masterclass - COURSE FULL

04 - 05 July 2017

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COURSE IS NOW FULLY SUBSCRIBED This course, presented by Robert Ackland, intr..

Cathie Marsh Institute Research Symposium

14:00 - 16:45 07 July 2017

Putting Social and Political Research into Action The Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (C..

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